July 7, 2023

July 7, 2023

  • Top News
    • U.S. payrolls climbed by 209,000 in June, less than expected. NBC News
    • McCarthy’s latest challenge: Prevent shutdown while avoiding GOP revolt. The Hill
    • Election rulings temper Supreme Court’s conservative streak. Roll Call
    • An Uneasy Quiet at NATO’s Newest Border With Russia. New York Times
    • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics. Politico

    Energy & Natural Resources

    • Spending bill targets Kerry’s office, global climate spending. Roll Call
    • Study: Crop failure risk is underestimated in climate models. Axios
    • EV Sales Growth in First Half Slowed From Torrid Pace. Wall Street Journal
    • White House cautiously opens the door to study blocking sun’s rays to slow global warming. Politico

    Indian Affairs

    • The Forgotten Sovereigns of the Colorado River. Politico
    • Tribal nations push for seats at the table in Colorado River negotiations. The Hill
    • Court says Tulsa can’t give a Choctaw man a ticket because the Oklahoma city is on reservation land. AP
    • ‘Protecting an Old Guard’: Tribal Leaders Blast Mills’ Veto of Sovereignty Bill. Native News


    • Gig Work Is Hot. Public Benefits Systems Need to Catch Up. Governing Daily
    • High turnover is disrupting efforts to fix the workforce crisis, a survey finds. Route Fifty
    • Negotiations collapse between Teamsters and UPS as strike looms. The Hill
    • High turnover is disrupting efforts to fix the workforce crisis, a survey finds. Route Fifty

    Taxation & Trade

    • Biden’s hydrogen bombshell leaves Europe in the dust. Politico
    • Biden’s trade experiment is ticking people off. His trade rep is on the receiving end. Politico
    • Wisconsin’s Democratic governor guts Republican tax cut, increases school funding for 400 years. AP
    • New fiscal year, new taxes. Route Fifty


    • How elite schools like Stanford became fixated on the AI apocalypse. Washington Post
    • Biden administration appeals ban on social media contacts. NBC News
    • Meta’s pull with Threads may be Twitter’s unraveling. Politico
    • ‘Vague’ injunction on social media should be stayed, Justice Dept. says. Washington Post

    Transportation & Infrastructure

    • Automatic spending cuts would threaten infrastructure funding. Roll Call
    • USDOT Issues More Than $2.2B in RAISE Grants. AASHTO
    • New York’s long and winding road to congestion pricing. Vox
    • Cities extract mobility insights from ride-hailing company data. Route Fifty

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