Federal Lobbying

Summit’s knowledgeable team translates the needs of their client into actionable legislative strategies. To deliver successful solutions for their clients, the Summit team executes these strategies by providing Members of Congress or Committee staff with the information that they need, when, and how they need it. Summit also works closely with partnering agencies to assist with developing legislation and regulations.

State Lobbying

Summit Strategies offers a full suite of government relations services in Oregon, from state and local direct lobbying, to securing administrative rule changes at the agency level, to designing a campaign contribution plan that cultivates key relationships for our clients. Whether we’re ushering proactive legislation to final passage or putting a halt to damaging bills, our approach is customized, comprehensive and innovative. Learn More.

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring

Summit’s credible, subject-matter policy experts stay on top of news before and after it breaks and the ever-changing policy landscape to bridge the gap between Capitol Hill and their clients.

Public Policy Analysis and Development

To drive public policy outcomes at the state or federal level, Summit’s knowledgeable team keeps their client’s concerns and goals close at mind while analyzing existing policy and drafting the legislation that will shape the future.

Grant Support

Summit Strategies has seen the changes that people can make when they have the funding for their projects and goals. Summit’s expertise can help you secure grants for the projects that matter to you.

Communications and Strategic Messaging

With our years of experience on Capitol Hill, we know how to communicate effectively for our clients and what language will induce partnerships and backing for our clients’ success.

Coalition Building

Our success as a company stems from the knowledge of the people we have worked with for years. No matter the political inclinations, we know who to speak to and who to reach out to when it comes to realizing your projects and goals.



Tribal Affairs

Environment, Energy & Natural Resources

Economic Development



Taxes & Trade




Our ability to think strategically, establish alliances and work effectively with politically diverse interests is the foundation of our success on behalf of clients.

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