June 30, 2022

June 30, 2022

Top News

  • Kentaji Brown Jackson joins US Supreme Court as first Black woman on the bench. CNN
  • Biden, Chiding Court, Endorses Ending Filibuster to Codify Abortion Rights. New York Times
  • ‘Things might get real, real bad’: key takeaways from latest January 6 hearing. The Guardian
  • S&P 500 falls for 3rd straight day after Powell says no guarantee of soft landing for U.S. economy, JP Morgan warns of recession risk. Market Watch
  • Biden pitches Democrats on Biden for president in 2024. NBC News

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Supreme Court curbs EPA’s climate powers. The Hill
  • White House announces $700M in private investments for EV charging. Axios
  • Biden administration to hold its first oil drilling lease sales on federal lands. The Hill
  • Yes, We Need to Talk About Cutting Energy Demand. Foreign Policy
  • War in Ukraine is driving demand for Africa’s natural gas. That’s controversial. NPR

Indian Affairs

  • SCOTUS rules states can prosecute non-Native Americans on Indigenous lands. Axios
  • Indigenous candidates head to US Senate runoff. Indian Country Today
  • Federal audit underway for Oregon’s Native American boarding school. Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Arizona offers free college tuition to the state’s Native students. NPR
  • Native Americans Bristle at Suggestions They Offer Abortions on Tribal Land. Voice of America


  • Labor Department warning opens divide on crypto in 401(k) plans. Roll Call
  • Union talks at West Coast ports going well, U.S. labor secretary says. Reuters
  • Does An Apple a Day Keep the Union At Bay? Nope. National Law Review
  • U.S. weekly jobless claims holding steady around 231k. KITCO

Taxation & Trade

  • Lawmakers want to favor carriers that prioritize US exports. American Shipper
  • Tax return is still ‘crushing the IRS’ – and taxpayers – as pileup exceeds 21 million, agency watchdog reports. CNBC
  • US trade sanctions on China an attempt to ‘frighten’ firms amid soaring Russian energy imports. South China Morning Post
  • Record trade deficit weighs on U.S. economy in first quarter. Reuters
  • Experts see risk with little upside in Biden’s gas tax break. The Hill


  • Congress is trying to rein in Big Tech. This lawmaker could stand in their way. Politico
  • Broadband Access a ‘Matter of Life and Death’ During Pandemic. Bloomberg City Lab
  • Amazon restricts LGBTQ searches and products in the United Arab Emirates. The Verge
  • Major Breakthrough Puts Dream of Unlimited, Clean Nuclear Fusion Energy Within Reach. SciTechDaily
  • Antitrust, Privacy Bills Targeting Big Tech Are Up Against the Clock. CNET

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Buttigieg taps funds to undo transportation damage in neighborhoods. Washington Post
  • US Department of Transportation now accepting applications for Reconnecting Communities program. Smart Cities Dive
  • For Mass Transit Agencies, a Fiscal Cliff Looms (Part II). Governing
  • Amtrak derailment: Three killed in Missouri after train hits truck. BBC
  • Biden’s state gas tax holiday plea lands with a thud among Dems. Politico

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