January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

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Top Political News

  • Will the government shut down next week? It’s possible. Washington Post
  • A division for Democrats: Force a shutdown, or push for a political victory? Washington Post
  • Senators Contradict Trump Denial of Using Crude Remark in Immigration Meeting. Wall Street Journal
  • CHART: Tracking Retirements From Congress. National Public Radio
  • Oprah 2020, explained. Vox
  • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics. Politico

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Battling Climate Change from the Back Seat of an S.U.V. New York Times
  • Interior plans to move thousands of workers in the biggest reorganization in its history. Washington Post
  • Trump-appointed regulators reject plan to rescue coal and nuclear plants. Washington Post
  • Florida got an exemption to the offshore drilling plan. Now 12 other states want one too. Vox
  • With EPA agreement, Port sees Superfund cleanup progress. Portland Business Journal

Indian Affairs


  • What does a $15 minimum wage do to the economy? Economists are starting to find out. Washington Post
  • ‘Fiduciary Rule’ Poised for Second Life Under Trump Administration. Wall Street Journal
  • Kentucky becomes the first state allowed to impose Medicaid work requirement. Washington Post
  • Economists Think the U.S. Economy Is At or Near Full Employment. Wall Street Journal

Taxation, Trade, & Defense

  • Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Survives, but G.M. and Tesla Aren’t Cheering. New York Times
  • GOP leaders reject gas tax increase after Trump floats the idea. Washington Post
  • U.S. will renegotiate NAFTA or pull out: Mnuchin. Reuters
  • GOP Tax Law Could Starve Cities of Revenue. Governing


  • Toyota Joins With Uber and Amazon to Find Its Self-Driving Future. Wired
  • GM will make an autonomous car without steering wheel or pedals by 2019. The Verge
  • To Measure the ‘Uber Effect,’ Cities Get Creative. CityLab
  • Trump infrastructure plan to include shift toward driverless vehicles. Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • U.S. Supreme Court to Review Bid to Collect Internet Sales Tax. Bloomberg


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