April 2, 2021

April 2, 2021

Top News

  • White House unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan, setting up giant battle over size and cost of government. Washington Post
  • Fauci Expects Surge In Vaccinations To Keep A 4th Coronavirus Wave At Bay. NPR
  • Dispute Over Pentagon Funds Part of White House Budget Delay. Bloomberg
  • This Time, Lawmakers Want Control Over Covid-19 Aid. Stateline
  • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics. Politico

Energy & Natural Resources

  • ‘Green New Deal’ Leaders See Biden Climate Plans As A Victory, Kind Of. NPR
  • “Mother Earth, the planet, is screaming at us”: U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry tells global leaders not enough is being done to fight climate change crisis. CBS News
  • Biden’s Big Bet: Tackling Climate Change Will Create Jobs, Not Kill Them. New York Times
  • A reshaped battlefield for climate policy. Roll Call

Indian Affairs

  • Justice Department working with tribes on missing persons. Associated Press
  • How Native Americans were vaccinated against smallpox, then pushed off their land. Washington Post
  • Native American health clinics offering vaccine to visitors. Associated Press
  • Dems pick white woman over Latinas, Native American for Haaland seat. Axios


  • Historic Amazon union drive set to conclude. BBC
  • U.S. Hiring Surge Expected for March With More Growth Ahead. Bloomberg
  • The US Labor Board Isn’t Strong Enough To Protect Workers From Amazon. Some Union Organizers Want To Go Around It. BuzzFeed News
  • Labor Secretary Marty Walsh calls jobs report ‘encouraging’ but says there’s ‘a lot of work to do.’ Yahoo News

Taxation & Trade

  • Changes to capital gains taxes omitted from Biden’s infrastructure plan. Axios
  • New Trade Representative Says U.S. Isn’t Ready to Lift China Tariffs. Wall Street Journal
  • Business world divided on whether to fight corporate tax hike in Biden’s infrastructure plan. CNBC
  • Pelosi opens door to lifting SALT tax cap in Biden’s $2.25T spending bill. Fox Business


  • Auto leaders urge adoption of ‘common language’ for AV safety. Smart Cities Dive
  • Biden infrastructure plan seeks hundreds of billions to beef up America’s tech prowess. CNBC
  • Vermont Rep. Peter Welch proposes new regulatory agency to oversee Big Tech. Washington Examiner
  • Ex-Google Policy Lead Founds Tech-Friendly Progressive Group. Bloomberg

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • States’ Covid-era Budget Surpluses Could Pay For Infrastructure. RouteFifty
  • How the American Jobs Plan aims to shape 4 pillars of city infrastructure. Smart Cities Dive
  • 5 key takeaways from Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Washington Post
  • Biden’s infrastructure plan will avoid hiking gasoline tax, vehicle miles fee: Cabinet official. Reuters

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