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Hal Hiemstra



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Hal Hiemstra has more than 30 years of experience in government affairs. He represents a wide range of public and private sector clients on issues involving transportation, aviation, appropriations and other federal funding, economic development, infrastructure, community health and safety, Native American gaming and the environment. He has specialized knowledge in federal transportation policy and understands how transportation investments can make communities more livable and sustainable. He has assisted clients with significant streetcar and transit developments, regional planning and design efforts, and securing niche federal policy changes designed to resolve specific client problems.

Mr. Hiemstra has helped clients secure millions of dollars in federal grants and congressionally directed funding for highway, bridge, water and waste water infrastructure projects, health care facility development, juvenile justice initiatives, drug enforcement and policing programs, shoreline restoration, and rail development. He has designed and helped to secure Congressional passage of a national pilot program on the redevelopment of airport impacted properties. He was instrumental in developing a national pilot program on short haul rail infrastructure development, and helped to lead a national lobbying strategy to secure investment tax credits for freight rail car manufacturing in the United States. Mr. Hiemstra authored federal legislation limiting the exposure of local airport operators to ever-increasing fees associated with the operation of aviation contract control towers, and successfully lobbied for federal funding that has led to the redevelopment of a modern U.S. streetcar manufacturing industry.

Prior to becoming a founding partner with Summit Strategies, Mr. Hiemstra was a non-attorney partner at Ball Janik LLP from 1998 to January, 2015. Prior to that, Mr. Hiemstra worked on national transportation and agriculture issues for nearly two decades, holding leadership positions in two national conservation organizations, chairing industry sponsored national grassroots campaigns on federal transportation policy, and directing a national research foundation on agricultural and farmland policy issues.  He served as a consultant to the Carter Administration’s National Agriculture Lands Study and in 1991 was appointed to the National Scenic Byways Commission by President George H. W. Bush.

During the debate of reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU, Mr. Hiemstra served as a political and policy advisor to a national transportation coalition made up of more than 500 groups and organizations seeking to align national transportation policies with an array of issues such as economic opportunity, climate change, energy security, health, housing and community development.

Mr. Hiemstra actively serves on a variety of local school committees, has twice served as president of his children’s PTA, actively raises private funding for various school initiatives, and serves as President of the Board of Trustees of the Historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.  He has also served on the Board and is a past President of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), a nonprofit bicycle advocacy and education membership association serving the Washington, D.C. region.



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