The Weekly Trek: February 19, 2016

The Weekly Trek: February 19, 2016

The Weekly Trek

February 19, 2016

Top Political News

  • President plans to nominate a successor to Justice Antonin Scalia in next few weeks. Wall Street Journal
  • Barack Obama declines to endorse in democratic primary – for now. Wall Street Journal
  • Winners and losers from the 9th Republican debate. Washington Post
  • Trump on brink of key win. The Hill
  • Sanders tops Clinton in a national poll for the first time. The Hill
  • Prospects fade for GOP budget. The Hill


  • Nearly 59,000 bridges in U.S. are structurally deficient. Washington Post
  • CBO: Tolls, mileage fees would better fund roads. The Hill
  • 2015 traffic fatalities rose by largest percent in 50 years, safety group says. NPR
  • U.S. expands restrictions on visa-waiver program for visitors. New York Times
  • Canadian Pacific has other plans if Norfolk Southern deal falls through. Wall Street Journal
  • Intersection plan could solve bypass contention. Newberg Graphic

Energy & Natural Resources

  • How President Obama picked up the pieces on climate change. The Hill
  • Inside the uphill battle against carbon trading. E&E Publishing
  • What Antonin Scalia’s death means for environment and climate. US News
  • State utility regulators were silenced by governor on big energy bill. Oregonian
  • Electronics group hires former Ernst & Young, General Services Administration exec to guide cleantech mission. Portland Business Journal


  • What will become of public-sector unions now? The Atlantic
  • When Scalia died, so did ‘Friedrichs’- and an even grander scheme to destroy Unions. In These Times
  • Tie votes will lead to reargument, not affirmance. SCOTUSblog
  • Locking Down Wage Enforcement a Top White House Budget Priority. BNA

Taxation, Trade & Defense

  • Brady open to losing revenue in comprehensive tax overhaul. BNA
  • Mr. Obama’s defense budget reflects a new age of military deterrence. Washington Post
  • Saudi Arabia, Russia to freeze oil output near record levels. Bloomberg

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