March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

Top News

  • Biden meets the press and the pandemic disappears. Politico
  • Biden Administration Preparing $3 Trillion Infrastructure and Jobs Plan, Reports Say. RouteFifty
  • Biden signals he’s open to eliminating Senate filibuster over GOP “abuse.” CBS
  • CDC ‘deeply concerned’ about rising Covid cases as vaccinations accelerate. The Guardian
  • Gun control legislation or executive orders? Here’s what President Biden is considering. USA Today
  • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics. Politico

Energy & Natural Resources

  • White House withdraws deputy Interior secretary amid reported pushback from Murkowski. The Hill
  • Biden faces ‘moment of truth’ as he weighs key U.S. climate promise. Washington Post
  • Democrats Move To Scrap Trump-Era Rollback Of Methane Rules. HuffPost
  • A Biden Administration Strategy: Send In the Scientists. New York Times
  • Are Cities Underestimating Carbon Pollution? Bloomberg CityLab

Indian Affairs

  • U.S. Supreme Court explores extent of tribal police authority. Reuters
  • Navajo Nation reports no new daily Covid cases, deaths for the first time in six months. CNBC
  • Interior reverses course on tribal ownership of portion of Missouri river. The Hill
  • How a Native American elder told his story to encourage his daughter to get a Covid shot. CNN
  • Native Americans urge Deb Haaland to help tackle pollution in communities of color. The Hill


  • Marty Walsh, Boston Mayor With Union Roots, Confirmed As Labor Secretary At Key Time. NPR
  • Amazon threatened warehouse workers organizing amid COVID-19 pandemic, says US labor board complaint. The Verge
  • U.S. Supreme Court leans toward reining in unions in property rights case. Reuters
  • Amazon is fighting a union drive in Alabama. In Europe, its workers are already unionized. Washington Post

Taxation & Trade

  • U.S. offers to help open Suez Canal, sees potential impact on energy market. CNBC
  • Biden’s Likely Tax Wins Are Personal-Rate Hikes, Audits of Rich. Bloomberg
  • U.S. trade chief Tai talks WTO, China, climate in first calls with counterparts. Reuters
  • How the U.S. Tax Code Privileges White Families. The Atlantic
  • White House watching China closely on forced labor after U.S. firms pressured. Reuters


  • Tech CEOs Face Congressional Grilling. Foreign Policy
  • Trump Teases Starting His Own Social Media Platform. Here’s Why It’d Be Tough. NPR
  • US House antitrust panel plans new rules to curb big tech: Report. Aljazeera
  • Why a global chip shortage is screwing up America’s pickup trucks. Vox

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Covid revives congestion pricing plans. Politico
  • Oregon Transportation Commission Approves Program to Address Freight Issues. Transport Topics
  • Railroads Strike a $25 Billion Merger. Wall Street Journal
  • Biden Transportation Officials Signal How They Might Enforce Racial Justice Concerns. Bloomberg CityLab
  • Riders Are Abandoning Buses and Trains. That’s a Problem for Climate Change. New York Times
  • Buttigieg Underscores Urgency of Transportation Infrastructure Investment. RouteFifty

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