July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018

Top Political News

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power. Bloomberg
  • EPA reverses course, says it will enforce stricter pollution limits for glider trucks. Washington Post
  • Trump administration to freeze Obama-era fuel standards for cars, light trucks. USA Today
  • EPA signs off on rule exempting farmers from reporting emissions. The Hill
  • Heart of Yosemite National Park Closed Due to Wildfire. Wall Street Journal

Indian Affairs

  • Grappling With Native American Homelessness. National Public Radio
  • Indian Country Today Goes Mobile: How The Once-Ailing News Outlet Bounced Back. KUER
  • Doctoral Student Compiles Database Of Indigenous Women Who’ve Gone Missing. National Public Radio


  • Retired Teamster asks Congress to save troubled pension funds. Journal Sentinel
  • Anticipating Automation, States Retool Apprenticeships, Education. US News & World Report
  • JetBlue Pilots Approve First Labor Deal in Airline’s History. Bloomberg

Taxation, Trade, & Defense

  • G.D.P. Grew at 4.1% Rate in U.S. in Latest Quarter. Here’s What That Means. New York Times
  • Eno Brief: Taxing New Mobility Services: What’s Right? What’s Next? Eno Center for Transportation
  • To Ease Pain of Trump’s Trade War: $12 Billion in Aid for Farmers. New York Times
  • Trump backs off new tariffs on EU in retreat from trade war. Politico


  • 5G Mobile Internet Is (Potentially) About to Revolutionize Transportation. The Drive
  • Air Taxis and Self-Driving Aircraft: Aviation Industry Faces Its Future. Wall Street Journal
  • Ford follows GM’s Cruise move with self-driving spinoff. Reuters
  • As driverless car crashes mount, fear of riding in them rises, too. Washington Post
  • Trucks Shift Into Higher Gear With New Technology. Wall Street Journal
  • Waymo partners with Walmart to shuttle customers in self-driving cars. Washington Post


  • Key GOP Lawmaker Releases Last-Ditch Infrastructure Plan. Route Fifty
  • Pave Over the Subway? Cities Face Tough Bets on Driverless Cars. New York Times
  • A new study says services like UberPool are making traffic worse. Washington Post
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