January 26, 2018

January 26, 2018

Top Political News

  • Government Shutdown Ends After 3 Days of Recriminations. New York Times
  • Justice Department threatens to subpoena records in escalating battle with ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions. Washington Post
  • Has the Tide Turned Against Partisan Gerrymandering?  The Atlantic
  • Senate Confirms Trump Nominee Alex Azar as Health Secretary. New York Times
  • The nation’s cartoonists on the week in politics. Politico

Energy & Natural Resources

  • Trump’s Infrastructure Push Targets Permit Rules. Wall Street Journal
  • EPA pushes unified national fuel emissions standard. The Hill
  • Coal’s Decline Seems Impervious to Trump’s Promises. New York Times
  • Supreme Court ruling complicates next steps on WOTUS. E&E News

Indian Affairs

  • Tribes Say Medicaid Work Requirements Jeopardize Health Care. Associated Press
  • SCOTUS Declines to Consider Whether Tribal Courts Have Jurisdiction to Adjudicate Employment Claims. National Law Review
  • Wisconsin tribe sues Corps, EPA over permitting of sulfide mine. Reuters


  • Uber CEO calls for new benefits system for gig economy workers. The Hill
  • Uber-Union Proposal on Benefits Met With Skepticism From Labor. Bloomberg
  • Unions Widen Who They’re Fighting For. Governing
  • NLRB General Counsel Signals Important Changes at NLRB. National Law Review

Taxation, Trade, & Defense

  • Trump imposes tariffs on solar panels and washing machines in first major trade action of 2018. Washington Post
  • Freight-rail groups: Don’t scrap NAFTA. Progressive Railroading
  • Trump leaves door open to a reworked Pacific Rim deal. Politico
  • Trump, in Davos, Hopes to Sell the Story of U.S. Success. New York Times


  • Should Transit Agencies Panic? CityLab
  • People Keep Confusing Their Teslas For Self-Driving Cars. Wired
  • Auto Industry Tells Congress to Pump Brakes On Self-Driving Car Regulation. Route Fifty
  • States and Cities Keep the Battle for Net Neutrality Alive. Wired


  • A Shortage of Trucks Is Forcing Companies to Cut Shipments or Pay Up. Wall Street Journal
  • The long-promised Trump infrastructure plan may just have leaked. Vox
  • Trump to announce $1.7 trillion infrastructure package at State of the Union. The Hill
  • NS attributes higher profit to volume growth, strategic plan. Progressive Railroading
  • Union Pacific CEO: Train Braking Technology Is Clogging the Railway. Wall Street Journal
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