December 23, 2021

December 23, 2021

Top News

  • Biden faces legacy-defining challenge in salvaging his Build Back Better bill. NBC News
  • Biden issues dire warning for unvaccinated as omicron surges before holidays. Roll Call
  • 3 Big Takeaways From Biden’s Surprise Extension Of Student Loan Relief. Forbes
  • FDA authorizes second antiviral pill to treat Covid-19. CNN

Energy & Natural Resources

  • New Biden rule reducing climate emissions from cars and SUVs reverses major Trump rollback. Washington Post
  • The Year in Climate News. New York Times
  • Louisiana firm to pay $475M over longest-running U.S. oil leak. Axios
  • Advocates, Democrats seek climate plan B after Manchin bombshell. The Hill

Indian Affairs

  • Dept. of Interior Invites Tribes to Consult on Infrastructure Bill Implementation. Native News Online
  • As COVID fueled the drug crisis, Native Americans hit worst. Associated Press
  • Indian Affairs announces new tool for Missing and Murdered cases. Valley Journal
  • Native American Journalists Weigh in on Biden Tribal Initiatives. VOA News


  • Political Parties Fair Game for NLRB Cases, Agency Lawyer Says. Bloomberg Law
  • America’s largest coal miners union asks Manchin to reconsider opposition to Build Back Better. CBS News
  • Amazon Labor Group Refiles Union Petition. The Verge
  • U.S. to Add 20,000 Extra Seasonal Worker Visas This Winter. Bloomberg Law

Taxation & Trade

  • EU pushes on with global minimum tax rate despite US stalemate. Politico
  • 10 million children will fall back into poverty when the enhanced child tax credit ends. CNBC
  • Manchin Outlines Tax, Policy Changes He’d Want in Biden Bill. Bloomberg
  • SALT deduction relief may be in peril as Build Back Better stalls. CNBC
  • WTO Can End Its Malaise if Small Member Groups Band Together. Bloomberg Law


  • Five Eyes nations warn of cyber threats. The Hill
  • Cities Should Bridge the Digital Divide Using Federal Funds. Route Fifty
  • Biden: ‘Dangerous misinformation’ on social media, TV fueling vaccine hesitancy. The Hill
  • Where the Despairing Log On, and Learn Ways to Die. New York Times
  • Safety & Security: Think Mass Transit is Ready for Cybersecurity Breaches? Time to Think Again. Mass Transit

Transportation & Infrastructure 

  • Delta CEO asks CDC to cut quarantine time for breakthrough COVID cases. Reuters
  • USDOT Gives $241 Million to Ports to Boost Supply Chain. Transport Topics
  • Boeing, Airbus executives urge delay in U.S. 5G wireless deployment. Reuters
  • Tesla test drivers believe they’re on a mission to make driving safer for everyone. Skeptics say they’re a safety hazard. Washington Post
  • Biden looks to chip away at supply chain snarls as midterms loom. Politico

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