Intermodal Transit Facility: Pacific University


Summit Strategies’ professionals working on behalf of Pacific University developed a successful coalition which resulted in $3 million of federal funding and $7 million of state and local funding for the City of Hillsboro’s Intermodal Transit Facility (ITF).

The facility is key to downtown revitalization in the City of Hillsboro as well as expansion of Pacific University’s Health Professions Campus and its related community services. The 160,000 square­foot, four­level, shared­ use facility offers off­street parking options for commuters, storage for bicycle commuters, and bus access and shelters for waiting passengers. And, the ITF is adjacent to a MAX light rail station. The ITF has improved access into the downtown area, increased off­street parking and has fostered Transit Oriented Development in the City of Hillsboro. The ITF provides essential access to transit services for local residents, and offers transit transfer options for commuters, patients, and students of Tuality Hospital, Pacific University and the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Clinic.